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We consider children to be a gift and blessing from God and the future of the Restoration movement. It is our desire to be responsive to the needs of parents by assisting them in the educational process (Gal. 4:2). We are presently attempting to serve those needs in the following ways:

  • Education that will instill a desire for godly character and equip students with skills necessary to excel in society. The words in II Peter 1:6-7 make it clear to us that faith and virtue should precede knowledge in the educational process.
  • Provide for children an alternative to the coarse and often threatening peer relationships in other environments.
  • Teach children about God's love for them, man's need for redemption, and the wonderful promise of hope in Christ's gospel.
  • Lead children to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a daily reliance on the Holy Spirit through prayer and a love of God's word. Christ's church is founded on the principle that God continues to reveal His will to man. Therefore it is important that each child learn a sensitivity to the Spirit and learn to ask God in faith when they lack wisdom.
  • Teach effective witnessing skills. Effective witnessing begins with learning to love all people. It also involves the student's ability to build on commonalities and share their testimony with an unbelieving world in a loving, intelligent and convincing manner
  • Instill a servant's heart by encouraging students to initiate avenues of service to others. Stewardship involves measuring our lives by the contribution we can make and not by the remuneration we will receive (Romans 12:1-2 and Alma 12:33-37).

Center Place Restoration School seeks to provide the best education possible by addressing the needs of the whole child. We seek to help each student understand that God loves him; that God has a plan for his life; and that each person is accountable to God to achieve his highest potential.



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